Taxpayer Advisory Specialist (Customer Service Representative)

Aberdeen, SD

Position type: Full-time
Location: Aberdeen, SD

Individual Taxpayer Advisory Specialists are face-to-face customer service representatives. Specific tax knowledge is not required, as the IRS provides comprehensive training. Prior federal service is also not required.

You will have the opportunity to learn to perform these duties and receive training to help you grow in this position. Taxpayer Advisory Specialists will:

Conduct interviews with taxpayers to determine their tax situation, provide advice, and explain probable consequences of various courses of action.
Confer with taxpayers and/or their representatives to explain issues involving the applicability of tax law, regulations, notices and account adjustments.
Assist and advise taxpayers in meeting their Federal Tax obligations. Assistance is technical, and covers the full range of individual income, excise, and employment taxes, as well as certain elements of all other kinds of taxes.
Discuss tax law impact with tax practitioners and accountants, review books and records to gain understanding of taxpayer's financial status.
Assist taxpayers in preparing tax returns and explains the consequences of courses of action. Explains to taxpayers the collection and examination processes.

Please see the job announcement for complete qualifications, and to apply online.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $37,696.00 - $91,873.00 per hour


401(k) matching
Dental insurance
Health insurance
Vision insurance


Day shift

Weekly day range:

Monday to Friday

Work setting:


Work Location: One location

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